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Glass painting tutorial for beginners- step by step method

Hi my craft lovers, first of all wish you all a happy Durga puja and Navaratri. Hope you all are doing well in this festive season. So, my this blog is about glass painting tutorial for beginners.

Glass painting is very easy and simple to do. And the outcome will worth your effort and you will really enjoy while doing it.

Glass painting is lot more easier than it looks. We all love attractive glass painting designs. You can also choose safe Fevicryl water based glass colors and OHP sheets for your little ones to show up their creativity. I suggest you should try glass painting once and I bet, you will fall in love with it.

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To start the glass painting tutorial, lets first know about the materials.

Materials required for the glass painting tutorial

  • Fevicryl water based glass colors
  • Camel water based glass color- skin tone
  • Fevicryl cone liners- gold, silver, black, red
  • Fevicryl glitter liner- magenta, green
  • An A4 size glass
  • Tracing design (downloaded from pinterest.com)
  • Ear bud- to remove bubbles if any, corrections
  • Tooth pick- for mixing colors, shading
  • Back ground- glitter paper
  • Safety pin
  • Tape- for securing the tracing design with the glass/OHP sheet
  • Glass cleanser
  • Tissue paper- for cleaning the bottle mouth and for correction (if required)

The tip of color bottle is nozzle shaped. Hence it allows easy flowing of colors. And filling colors on the surface is also very easy as you don’t need to use any brush. This fevicryl glass color comes with a black liner itself. However instead of this I have used cone liners.

Fevicryl glass color bottle
Fevicryl glass color bottle

Once you have collected all the material, lets start the painting.

Required materials for glass painting
Required materials for glass painting

Method to start Glass painting tutorial

On the eve of these festive season I have decided to do a glass painting of Maa Durga with her family.

  • At first clean the glass with a glass cleanser,
  • Now place the tracing design under the glass and secure it with the tape.
  • Now trace the design with a liner. I have used black, gold, silver, red color liners. Also magenta and green glitter liners. You can use this as per your choice.
  • After tracing the lines give a time of 24 hrs. to dry the liner properly.
Glass painting outline
Glass painting outline
  • After the liner is completely dried up take the glass colors of your choice and fill the drawing. In this painting there is no shading, hence it is very simple and easy to do.
  • For coloring the body of the deities I have used camel water based glass color in the shade of skin tone. If you don’t have this color, just mix pink and transparent or yellow and transparent, and you will get the desired color.
  • After completing the coloring keep it for 24hrs. to dry the colors.
Glass painting with colors
  • After 24hrs. your painting is ready to frame.
  • For framing reverse the glass, place the glitter paper under the glass and frame it.
  • And your glass painting is ready. Now hand it wall or keep it on your table top.
Completed glass painting
Completed glass painting

Few points

  • Here you can also use OHP sheet. This is easily available in any stationary shop.
  • If you are beginner the lines may not be uniform through out drawing. But don’t worry after few practice it will be all perfect.
  • Before start the coloring never shake the color bottle. It will create air bubbles.
  • You can also use aluminum foil as background. But personally I don’t like it as its too shinny.
  • Since this is a reverse glass painting you can easily clean the outer surface with a glass cleanser. No need to varnish.
  • Also remember if there is any mistake in the painting, clean it at that time only. Because once the colors are dried it will be very difficult to do ant correction.

Here are the few pictures of the painting.

Glass painting
Glass painting
Glass painting
Glass painting

For better understanding please check out below YouTube video of this craft.

Glass painting video tutorial


Hope, you have got a better idea about glass painting in this blog. These are beautiful and easy painting ideas. You don’t need to be an expert artist for creating a glass painting.

So, what is your craft idea specially for this festive season? Do let me know in the comment box.

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Till my next blog..

Happy Reading!!

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