How do you decorate an empty wall with few simple ideas

In today’s world due to covid-19 we are maintaining social distancing and spending most of the time in our home. It is important for us to stay indoor and safe and work from home. While staying at home I was thinking to share about how do you decorate an empty wall? or about the ideas for home decor.

There are many wall decor ideas which you can do with wall colors, stickers, wall paper, wall art, photo frames and there are hundreds of easy canvas painting ideas on internet which you can go through. In continuation to this today I shall share with you some ideas of DIY for wall decor.

Though I have done these things a long before and now I want to share some of those with you. These wall decor ideas will make your home more lively. When I decor my home, I enjoy every bit of it and surely the same will be with you. Its like a stress buster. That’s why I keep changing my decor arrangements more often.

1. Wall art

We are staying in my husband’s company accommodation. And all the walls of the rooms are white, added with dull colored doors. To cover up all this I found out some quick wall decor ideas.

To materialize all these ideas for home decor, just collect the materials as indicated below and shoot up your DIY for wall decor.

Materials used for wall decor ideas

  • Painting brush (sizes 0, 2, 5)
  • Acrylic colors
  • Metallic acrylic colors
  • Cone liners
  • Pencil

Above materials I bought from http://itsybitsy.in

How to do

  • First of all clean the wall with dry cloth if there is any kind of dirt.
  • Now draw a picture of your choice on the wall by pencil.
  • Then outline the picture with cone liner or brush.
  • Lastly fill the picture with colors of your choice and your wall art is ready.

The below image is a collage of my wall paintings mostly around the switch boards which is a simple way of how do you decorate an empty wall?.

DIY for wall decor

2. Personalized photo frames

One of the simplest ideas for home decor is use of photo frame for wall, You can personalize your own photo frames and can give a nice look for the living space.

Materials used

  • Wall mounted photo frame
  • Chart paper
  • Wax crayon

How to do

Just paint some simple things or write some quotes. Then frame it and your personalized photo frame is ready.

I have asked my 4 years old son to help me coloring. That’s why i have used wax crayons. You can do it by poster color/ water color/ oil pastel etc what ever you like.

photo frame for wall

3. Canvas painting easy ideas

Canvas painting is also a very creative idea to decorate your living space. I have used a lot of canvas paintings for wall decor ideas. you can also use canvas painting with frame.

Materials used

  • Canvas (6″x 8″)
  • Acrylic color
  • Round Brush (size 00, 0) and flat brush ( size 4, 12)
  • Acrylic varnish

Few of my canvas paintings for wall decor ideas

I have painted these canvases with some easy designs and made a gallery in the same fashion in my room. You can start your own canvas painting easy ideas and can give a cool look of your living or bed room. Also just remember to varnish the paintings to keep away dust and dirt from it.

Below are two elephant paintings of mine used for wall decor.

Some more canvas paintings which I am using for room decor

Wall decor ideas_Gallery of canvas painting

4. Wall art by pistachio shell

Pista shells are waste materials, however instead of throwing it away I created the below wall hanging. This is a good way of using unused pista shells for wall decor ideas.

Materials used

  • Pista shells
  • Metallic acrylic color
  • Glue
  • A base

How to do

  • Color the pista shell of your choice.
  • Glue the shell on the base as per your design. And its ready to hang it on the wall
  • For base I have used a bamboo mat, however you can use any canvas board.
Wall art by pistachio shell

5. Paper flower making for wall decor ideas

Paper flower making for wall decor is also a very nice way to design your wall and living space.

Materials used

  • Colored chart paper (any color)
  • Scissor
  • Glue

How to do

  • Cut the yellow colored chart paper as petal shapes of sunflower.
  • Make a round base from brown color paper.
  • Cut the green paper in the shape of leaves. I didn’t have green color chart paper. Therefore I have paint white chart paper in green color.
  • Now arrange the petal around the base with glue to create the sunflower.
  • Lastly attach the leaves.
  • And your paper flower making is ready to hang on wall. To hang this you can use double sided tape also.
Paper flower making

So finally, these wall decor ideas are much easy and you can create these by spending a very small amount of time, thus making your living spaces, bedroom etc. more blissful. In this regard, want to inform you that I shall come up with some videos of above wall decor ideas. If you want to have an idea about decor ideas with best out of waste DIY then just click the link below to go through the same>> https://craftwithjayasri.com/how-to-make-best-out-of-waste-with-plastic-bottles-in-simple-steps/

If you want to add your thoughts and suggestions or want to tell about any other ideas for home decor, just write in the box below and share it with all. Also you can post your wall decor works on my Facebook and Instagram pages. If you like the blog thank me by sharing it. Your one share will help craft lovers to visit my blog.

See you in my next blog. Cheers!!

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