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How to decorate a glass jar for Christmas: DIY festival decoration idea

Hello my crafty tribes!!! Hope you all are doing well. Today is Christmas eve. And for many decorating your home for the festive season is the most enjoyable part. So continuing to the festive decorations, here I am presenting you how to decorate a glass jar for Christmas, which I have used as a candle holder.

This glass jar I have painted with glass colors and glitters. It is a easy and perfect way to lit up your home this time. This is very easy to make. So lets start with the materials you require for this festival decoration idea.

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If you don’t love reading, then just check out the below video for all details.

Video tutorial

Materials to decorate a glass jar:

Required materials
  • An empty glass jar
  • Glass color (Fevicryl water based & camel solvent based)
  • Cone liners
  • Glitter liners
  • LED candle
  • Light blue acrylic color
  • Brush
  • Tracing design
  • Scotch tape
  • Tooth pick
  • Salt
  • Varnish (optional)
  • Tissue paper/ear bud

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Method to decorate a glass jar:

Tracing the design:

  • First of all, clean the jar properly.
  • Now cut the design pieces from the sheet as per your glass jar size. My designs are approximately () cm in size according to the size of my glass jar. I have taken these designs from Pinterest.
  • Now attach these designs with the help of scotch tape inside the jar and you have to trace the design outside the jar.
Attaching the tracing design
Attaching the tracing design
  • Now take the cone liner and trace the design on glass jar.
  • Since this is glass jar, its surface is curved. That’s why you can’t trace all the designs all at once. Trace a design first, let it dry out properly and then trace another design. However, these designs are small it will not take much time to dry.

Coloring the jar:

Filling glass colors:

  • For coloring also, you have to apply the same method, i.e., you can’t fill glass colors for all designs at a time.
  • More over glass colors are also runny liquid. You have to color it in small parts, otherwise the color may roll down.
  • First fill the color in a small part, let it dry partially, then color the other part. So part is very easy, but it requires some time.
  • Also don’t color it like a typical glass painting. Since designs are small, first pour few drops of colors and use a tooth pick to spread the color. With this method you will require very less amount of color also and spreading the color will also easy.
  • Also, I’ll suggest not to use a brush to spread the color, because you have to wash the brush frequently. Also, the brush will soak the color.
  • Again, since the designs are small the color will dry quite fast.

Coloring the background:

  • For coloring the background first, I have used glass color in ultramarine blue (you may have noticed in the video). But it was not looking good. So, I have removed the color (which was quite tough).
  • Therefore, for coloring the background I have used light blue acrylic color. I have mixed white and cerulean blue to create light blue color or you can use light blue color directly.

Decorating the glass jar:

  • After this you have to trace all the designs again with cone liners. Because there is a possibility that the glass colors may stick to the liners
  • Now make some snowflakes with silver cone liner and some stars with silver glitter liner.
Snowflakes and stars
Snowflakes and stars
  • I didn’t color the bottom part with light blue color. Rather I filled the jar with salt up to a certain level to give some snowy effect.
  • And lastly put the LED candle inside the jar and your DIY candle holder is ready.

Here are the final looks.

Decorated glass jar
Decorated glass jar
Decorated glass jar
Decorated glass jar
Decorated glass jar
Decorated glass jar
Decorated glass jar
Decorated glass jar
Decorated glass jar

Remember not to use a wax candle inside the jar. Always use LED candle for safety.


Hope, you have liked this decorate a glass jar idea for Christmas. This is very easy and simple to do.

Would love to listen from you regarding how to decorate a glass jar. If you have prepared any craft for this festive season, do let me know in the comment box. Your suggestions and comments will help me to present better content.

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Wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and a New year. 

Till my next blog..

Happy Reading!!

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