Frosty glass jar

How to decorate a glass jar for Christmas: DIY frosted glass jar

Hello my crafty tribes!!! Hope you all are doing well. Today is Christmas eve. And for many decorating your home for the festive season is the most enjoyable part. So continuing to the festive decorations, here I am presenting you how to make a frosted glass jar which you can use as a candle holder.

It is a easy and perfect way to lit up your home in this festive time. So lets start with the materials you require to make a frosted glass jar.

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If you don’t love reading, then just check out the below video for all details.

Video tutorial

Materials to make frosted glass jar:

Required materials
  • An empty glass jar
  • Salt
  • Silver glitter
  • Epoxy putty/ White mseal/ Fevicryl mouldit
  • Red acrylic color
  • Few leaves from Platycladus orientalis (morpankhi)
  • Flower wire
  • Fevicol MR
  • LED candle
  • Brush
  • Golden lace

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Method to start the DIY:

Making the holy berries:

  • For making the berries I am using Astral white epoxy putty. You can also use Fevicryl mouldit.
  • Now mix both parts of epoxy putty properly until it turns uniform in color.
  • Then make small spherical balls for berries. I made five berries.
  • Now insert the flower wire into the balls of approx. ()cm long.
  • Let the berries dry properly.
  • Once they are dried and hardened, color them in red acrylic color. You can paint them with brush. But I have dipped them red acrylic color. Now let the color dry.
  • In this stage you can also use a single coat of varnish. But it’s totally optional.
  • Lastly take all the berries together and twist their wires at the end. Thus your cluster of berries is ready.
Cluster of berries
Cluster of berries

Creating the frosty effect:

  • For this step first of all clean the glass jar properly and pat it dry.
  • Then take Fevicol MR and pour a little water, mix properly.
  • Now apply this mixture outside the whole glass jar with a brush (wash the brush immediately after use).
  • Then sprinkle salt all the glass jar in a thin layer.
  • After that sprinkle some silver glitter all over it.
  • Let the jar dry out properly.
  • And here is frosty glass jar is ready. Isn’t it so beautiful?!
Frosty jar
Frosty jar


  • Take morpankhi leaf and the berry cluster together and tie them with a flower wire.
  • Now tie this to the frosty glass jar with a flower wire or a jute twine.
  • To cover the neck of the jar wrap it with a golden lace. You can also use silver or white lace or jute twine.
Jar neck wrapped with lace
Jar neck wrapped with lace

Lastly put a LED candle inside the jar and you frosty candle holder is ready to glow.

Frosty glass jar
Frosted glass jar
Frosty glass jar
Frosty glass jar
Frosty glass jar
Frosty glass jar

Remember not to use a wax candle inside the jar. Always use LED candle for safety.


Hope, you have liked this craft idea of frosted glass jar for Christmas decoration. This is very easy and simple to do.

Would love to listen from you regarding this DIY. If you have prepared any craft for this festive season, do let me know in the comment box. Your suggestions and comments will help me to present better content.

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Wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and a New year. 

Till my next blog..

Happy Reading!!

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