The complete look of french knot embroidery

How to do a French knot embroidery in few simple steps


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Embroidery is a subject very close to may heart. I love to talk and write about it. This blog is about one of my favorite embroidery stitch which is French knot. It is a simple type of embroidery that creates a 3D dot. Its one of the knotted stitch used in embroideries. At first it looks difficult and tricky, but once you learn it, you can do it very easily.

At starting I also faced difficulties to do this stitch. But after practicing, now it seems very easy.

Uses of french knot are very versatile. You can use it individually or in loose or dense group as a filling, as a center of flower or whatever you like. It also looks great if you create furry animal embroidery. It also adds texture to your embroidery work.

I personally love to use french knot as a filling for flowers or fruits. And if you want to check out some other types of embroidery do visit https://craftwithjayasri.com/how-to-do-a-fishbone-stitch-embroidery-in-few-simple-steps/

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for lazy daisy stitches.

Materials required to carry out french knot embroidery

  • Threads.
  • Needle.
  • Fabric.
  • Embroidery Hoop.
  • Apart from the above, some other materials which I have used are scissors, tracing design, yellow carbon paper and pencil.

I have given details of each of the above materials, their types in my blog https://craftwithjayasri.com/how-to-do-a-stem-stitch-embroidery-in-few-simple-steps/ you can check out the same before proceeding further.

Materials required for French knot
Materials required for French knot

So, once you have collected all the materials required for the embroidery as described above, you can follow the simple steps I have mentioned below for creating the embroidery design.

Note that I have used the larger needle to do french knot embroidery. I have embroidered only the fruits with french knot. And I have used a small needle to embroider the leaves. I have created the leaves with satin stitch and stem stitch.

Steps involved to make a french knot stitch embroidery

1. Design tracing

To start the embroidery, first of all trace the design on the fabric by yellow carbon paper and start the embroidery.

Tracing design of french knot embroidery for fruits
Tracing design of french knot embroidery for fruits

2. Start the embroidery

  • Pull the needle up through the fabric at a point you want to start the embroidery (point-1 in the below picture).
embroidery step1
Step :1
  • Now wrap the thread around the needle.
embroidery step2
Step: 2
  • Wrap the thread once for small knot and twice for a larger knot. This is if you are taking six strands floss. For this embroidery I have taken three strands of floss and wrapped it thrice on the needle.
  • For three strands floss you can wrap it thrice. Don’t make it more than that.
embroidery step3
  • Now tighten the knot and gently put the needle down to the fabric (point-2 in below picture). This point is very near to point-1. Hold the knot until its pulled completely.
  • Remember don’t insert the needle at same point from where it is pulled up. This will pull out your knot back.
embroidery step4
Step: 4

Few points to remember about french knot stitch

  • These knots are difficult to unknot. So if you do a mistake, better to cut the knot and start a new one.
  • Don’t wrap the needle too tight or too loose. If it is too tight it will be difficult to pull up the needle. And if the wrapping is loose at the end the design will not look good.
  • Don’t take too big needle. It may create a hole on the fabric and you may lose the knot. Also if the needle is small it will be difficult to pull it out of the knot.
French knots

So just take note of the above points and here is complete look of my embroidery.

Complete look of the french knot embroidery
Complete look of the french knot embroidery
Close look of the french knot embroidery
Close look of the french knot embroidery

Want to have a better understanding of the French knot embroidery work, check out the full video below.

Video tutorial for French knot embroidery

Your thoughts,

So, I hope you have got a fair idea of the above embroidery work. French knot embroidery looks wonderful once completed. It may be slightly difficult when you first try it, howver with just 2 to 3 completed embroidery it will be very easy for you.

French knot gives your stitch a 3D feel. Its worth to master this type of stitch for the craft lovers.

In this regard, if you want to add your thoughts and suggestions or want to tell about any other type of stitch, just write in the box below. If you like the blog thank me by sharing it. Your one share will help craft lovers to visit my blog. Please also do post your embroidery work on comment section.

See you in my next blog. Cheers!!

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