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How to make a Christmas wreath: felt flower wreath DIY

Hello my crafty tribes!!! Hope you all are doing well. Christmas is around the corner. And for many decorating your home for the festive season is the most enjoyable part. So continuing to the festive decorations, here I am presenting you how to make a felt flower wreath.

This Christmas wreath is made with felt flowers. Wreath is a easy and perfect way to décor your home this time. This is very easy to made. So lets start with the materials you required to make felt flower wreath diy.

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Video for felt flower wreath DIY

Materials required:

Required materials
Required materials How to make a Christmas wreath
  • Green garland
  • Felt sheets
  • Wire
  • Green wool/ thread
  • X-mas bell/accessories
  • Glue
  • Scissors

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Method for felt flower wreath diy:

Making the felt flowers

  • Cut petals from a card stock (I have used chocolate wrapper). One large and a small.
  • Also do the same for leaf.
  • Now mark shapes of petals on the red felt sheets and cut them.
  • Also do the same for leaves from green felt sheet.
  • Now take the black felt sheet and cut a X size piece.
  • Now cut fringes from the black felt piece. This will be center part of the flower.
cutting from felt sheets
Cuttings from felt sheets
  • Now roll the black felt piece and glue at the end. Thus the center part will be ready.
  • Now first attach all the smaller size petals around the black felt piece.
  • Next attach the larger petals below the first layer and thus the flower will be completed.
  • I made seven (7) nos. of larger petals and seven (7) no. of smaller petals. Totally made three (3) flowers and leaves as much as you want.
  • Lastly attach the leaves with flowers.
a complete flower
A complete flower

Making the felt flower wreath DIY

  • Make a ring with wire.
  • Now wrap the garlands around the wire one after another.
  • Lastly tie the garlands with green thread and the wreath is ready.

Decorating or assembling the wreath

  • Now Insert the thread at the back side of the flower with the help of a needle and tie it with the wreath.
  • I have tied them all together at a certain place of the wreath. You can also tie them uniformly allover the wreath also.
  • And this way your Christmas wreath is all ready. Here are some complete views.
Complete view of the Christmas wreath
Complete view of the Christmas wreath
A close view of the Christmas wreath
A close view of the felt flower wreath DIY


Hope, you have liked this craft idea for Christmas decoration. This is very easy and simple to do.

Would love to listen from you regarding felt flower wreath diy. If you are preparing one, do let me know in the comment box. Your suggestions and comments will help me to present better content.

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Wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and a New year in advance. 

Till my next blog..

Happy Reading!!

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