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How to make a clay house using Fevicryl mouldit-Step by step

Hi all, Its been a while I published my last blog.

Finally came back after a small break with something that you will love to check out. This blog is about how to make a clay house using Fevicryl mouldit step wise. Here I shall show you how to give a mushroom look to your clay house.

Now, you might be thinking what it is used for,

So, let me tell you that the clay house will be a 3D model art with a colorful look, which you can use as a show-piece as well as a garden decor.

And also want to share with you that, the clay house was much loved by my little one. You can also create one for your loved ones with their involvement too. So, you must try for a project on small clay houses.

In the mean time if you want o go through my earlier blogs on best out of waste, just check out here or for home decor click here.

Materials for clay house:

  • Fevicryl shilpkar mouldit
  • OHP sheet
  • Talcum powder
  • Knife/tooth pick
  • Comb
  • Card stocks
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glue

The above material are what I have used to create my clay house ideas. Now instead of knife/toothpick you can also use clay modelling tools.

For the roof/mushroom head, I have used plastic bottle cover and card stocks. Here you can also use aluminium foil. With aluminium foil its easier to make the shape. Since aluminium foil was not available , I have managed it with a plastic bottle cover.

Here I will give a small description about the Mouldit. Fevicryl Mouldit is used to mould and create shapes and 3D works of all art. It is an air drying clay.

You can get it in the below link

Fevicryl mouldit

and Clay modelling tools


Once you have collected all the required materials, lets start making the clay house.

Making the base of clay house:

  • Cut out the base from a card board.
  • Also cut out the structure from the plastic bottles as shown below.
  • Make two holes in plastic bottle for window.
House base and structure

Making the clay dough:

  • Its very important to knead the perfectly to make your craft best.This mouldit has two parts, resin clay and epoxy hardener. Take out equal portion of both parts and mix them very well until the resin and hardener blend together to form a white mixture.
  • Always take as much you required. Otherwise extra clay will harden and you can’t use it further.
  • Store the remaining resin and hardener in a air tight jar.

Making the basic mushroom clay house:

Clay house base

  • Now flatten the dough on a OHP sheet with the help of a rolling pin. Don’t forget to sprinkle some talcum powder so that the clay will not stick to hand or rolling pin or OHP sheet.
  • Now spread the flat dough on the card board base and spread it all over by tapping it with fingers.
  • Use a comb to give the base some texture. This is the ground of the clay house.
Clay house base

Clay house structure

  • Again flatten the dough like the previous way and spread it around the plastic structure.
  • Make hole by finger for window.
  • For door, make few lines with the help of a toothpick/knife/clay modelling tool.
Clay house
Making the door

House roof/mushroom head

  • For making the roof of clay house you can use aluminium foil, it’ll be easier. But since I don’t have it, I have used some bottle covers and cardboard to take shape of mushroom head. Again spread the flatten dough over the roof base make the shape of mushroom head by tapping and pressing it with fingers.
  • Don’t worry if the size of the clay house is not too perfect, anyway it’ll look good.
  • Now join the base, house structure and roof (mushroom head) with the help of glue. And your basic mushroom clay house is ready.

Decorations for clay house:

  • I have made a simple climber plant with few leaves and glued it on the door side. For climber roll a small amount of dough and make a cylindrical shape. Make two like this and twist them gently. Now paste it on the door side as shown in the image below. For leaves, take very small amount of dough, make a sphere, press it and pinch on a side. Thus you will get a leaf and attach it on the climber where you want.
  • For stone take a small amount of dough (like thermocol beans) and paste it around the door side. Also make a entry way with clay make stones. Make these stones in asymmetric shapes.
  • For boundary of the house first I have used some multicolored stones. But it was not looking good. Therefore I have changed it to yellow, green and white stones.
  • Also made a small baby mushroom beside. Just make a small cylindrical stem and a cone shaped mushroom head.
  • So your mushroom house is ready. Now lets color it. The coloring part I’ll describe in my next blog.
  • This the final look (before coloring).
Final look of Clay Mushroom house (before coloring)
Final look of Mushroom house (before coloring)
Final look of Clay Mushroom house (before coloring)
Final look of Mushroom house (before coloring)

For better understanding please check out below YouTube video of this craft.


This blog is about how to make a clay house step by step. I tried to give all the detail steps, so that you can understand it easily. In my upcoming blog I shall tell you regarding clay house coloring.

Hope you liked the blog along with the video. This video is about making the clay house only. Clay craft cool ideas, clay house ideas are simple ways to decorate your living space.

I would love to hear from you about your creative ideas using mouldit clay or any other type which you used. Do post your comments and your 3D crafts. Your suggestions and values are welcomed.

And don’t forget to share it in your social feeds.

Happy reading!!

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