clay lotus flower candle holder

How to make a clay lotus flower candle holder in simple steps

Hello folks, welcome to my blog. Hope you all are doing well. And here I am presenting you one more clay craft idea. Since Deepavali is around the corner, I choose to make this clay lotus flower candle holder.

So lets start with the materials required to make this clay lotus flower candle holder.

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Material list:

Clay lotus flower Material list
Materials for clay lotus flower
  • Fevicryl mouldit clay
  • Acrylic color (pink, light green, leaf green)
  • Varnish
  • OHP sheet
  • Talcum powder
  • Rolling pin
  • Candles


So once you have collected all the material lets start making the lotus flower.

Making the Clay lotus flower:

  • First of all take both the parts of mouldit clay and mix them properly until it turns uniform in color.
  • Now take small portion of clay, sprinkle some talcum powder on OHP sheet and tap the clay with your fingers to create a petal shape. Here you can also use shaping tools.
  • I have made two layers of petals. Lower layer will have six nos. of petals and upper one will have five nos.
  • Now make a circle with the clay, which will be the base where you have to paste the petals.
  • After arranging the lower layer to the base with the help of glue, place some aluminum foil or diya under the petal, so that the petals get a little uplifting.
  • Now arrange the upper layer and keep it uplifted with something more in height (refer the picture below).
  • In this way make the shape of the lotus and keep it in this position until it dries up completely.
Making the shape of lotus
Making the shape of lotus

Making the Candle holder:

  • Now make a holder for the candle which will be placed at the center of the flower.
  • For this I have used a diya as a mould/groove and made the desired shape with fingers and placed it at the center with glue.

Making the clay lotus flower leaf:

  • Spread the clay on the OHP sheet, sprinkle talcum powder and roll it with help of the rolling pin.
  • Now to create the shape of a lotus leaf, tap the edges and take out the extra parts with the help of a knife.
  • Uplift few portion of this leaf also a little bit with the help of aluminum foil and keep it like this until it dries up.
Clay lotus and leaf before coloring
Clay lotus flower and leaf before coloring

Coloring of the clay lotus flower:

  • Color the clay lotus flower with pink acrylic color.
  • For coloring the leaf I have used light green. With leaf green color I have drawn the veins on the leaf.
  • After the color dries properly, varnish it to seal the color.
  • When varnish is dried, the lotus candle holder is ready to use.
  • Just put a candle in holder placed at the center of the lotus and lit it up and you can see how beautiful it looks in the below picture.
Clay lotus flower candle holder
The final look

For better understanding please check out below YouTube video.

Clay lotus flower candle holder


Hope, you have liked this festive craft idea.

So, what is your craft idea specially for this festive season? Do let me know in the comment box.

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Wish you all a happy, healthy and safe deepavali 🎆🎇✨🎈

Till my next blog..

Happy Reading!!

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