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How to make ribbon embroidery roses step by step

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Ribbon embroidery is a topic which is close to my heart. I try to learn and master it. This blog is regarding how to make a ribbon embroidery rose.

Here I shall show you the step by step  method to make ribbon embroidery rose. The steps involved to create a embroidered rose is easy and simple to do. It can be embroidered on saree, dress, cushion cover as well as for wall hangings. This stitch will give your embroidery a 3D look. In case you want to get a good idea about one more type i.e. fish bone stitch embroidery then just click the link to read the same>> https://craftwithjayasri.com/how-to-do-a-fishbone-stitch-embroidery-in-few-simple-steps/

Now let me give you a description about the material first.

Materials required to carry out ribbon embroidery

  • Ribbon – There are a lot of variety of ribbons. There are silk, satin. organza, velvet and lots more. You can get these easily in shops as well as online. Various sizes are also available. For this embroidery I have used satin ribbon of 7 mm size. Its good to use vibrant colored ribbons.
Embroidery materials (Ribbons, needle, hoop, fabric)
  • Needle – Its very important to choose the correct needles for any kind of embroidery. For ribbon embroidery you will need a special kind of needle. It must have a large eye hole, thick body and sharp edge. The ribbon can be easily inserted in a large-eye hole needle. You can buy these needles from any craft store or through online. While inserting the ribbon through the needle, you can just cut edge of the  ribbon diagonally and insert it. If the ribbon size is large also, this cutting edge will ease the insertion of ribbon through the hole.
Needle with large eye hole, thick body and sharp edge
Ribbon edge cut diagonally
  • Fabric– Choosing of fabric is also very important. Ribbons are much thicker than thread, so they need some space to pull out through the fabric. If the fabric is too tight it will be difficult to pull the ribbon out. It will make a hole in the fabric and it may get damaged or it will not look good.Also if the fabric is light weight it can’t hold the embroidery properly which shall make the work difficult. For example if you use chiffon or georgette fabric, the embroidery will look like its hanging, which will not look good. So it will be better to choose cotton or linen fabric.
  • Hoop Hoop is the frame where you have to attach the fabric to do the embroidery. Choose the size of hoop like that it will not be too large or to small for the embroidery design. Hold the Fabric inside the hoop and tighten the screws for carrying out the embroidery.

Steps involved to make a ribbon embroidery

Start the embroidery

  • Firstly, you have to make a star like shape with five straight lines of 1.5 cm length. You can use either thread or ribbon for this step. I have used white thread (but for white thread, clarity of these lines is not so good in the video). However this will not be visible after completion of the work.
Base of the weave
  • Now pull out the ribbon just below through the center of the star and make french knot at the middle (refer the video at the end).
  • Now run the needle below the line-1 (as shown in pic) without inserting it through the fabric. Run it very close to the center french knot.
  • Now jump over the line-2 and again run below the line-3, then jump over to line-4 and run below line-5.

Repeat the steps

  • Run the ribbon like this without inserting in the fabric until the rose is completed. Don’t weave the ribbon too tight, however every weave shall be close to each other to give it a 3D look.
  • After the rose is completed make a knot at the other side of the hoop to secure the ribbon as shown in the below image.
Back side of the embroidery
  • For the leaves, bring the ribbon up and insert at a distance. Keep it loose, so that it will look like tiny leaves. You can refer the Video at the end.
  • Here is the complete look. You can also put a small bead in the center. In the below pic this is the original color of the ribbon, image taken in daylight.
Ribbon embroidered rose


  • Burn the edge of ribbon a little with a lighter or candle so that the strands wouldn’t come out.
  • Don’t make the flower too large if you are doing it on saree or dress. Otherwise it will hang from the fabric.

Want to have a better understanding of the embroidery work, check out the full video below.

Ribbon Rose embroidery stitch tutorial

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