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How to color a miniature clay mushroom house -Step by step

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In my last blog, I have shown you How to make a clay house using Fevicryl mouldit-Step by step, once after completing the model, now is the time for adding colors to miniature clay mushroom house. Its take a good amount of time to plan for what colors to be used.

For that you can go through the internet to check for the best color combinations or try your unique thoughts. Remember to make the clay house colorful for giving an attractive look.

Once you finalise the color, now head forward to apply it. In the below steps I have given a brief on what colors I selected, materials and finally taking photos.

Required materials for coloring clay mushroom house:

The below materials are used to complete my clay house coloring. Most of the materials are readily available in general craft store. Or, if you are a online buyer, you can check in itsybitsy

  • Fevicryl acrylic color
  • Flat brush size- 2, 8
  • Round brush size- 00
  • Marker
  • Varnish

Colors used are:

  • Base- light green
  • Entryway and door- brown and white
  • Stones- dark grey
  • House- light grey
  • Roof- red and maroon and white
  • Climber- brown, green, yellow
Required materials
Required materials

Steps for coloring clay house:

  • To start with, for the clay mushroom house base, at first I have used sap green to color it. But after I have colored the other parts it was not looking good. Thus, I changed the color to light green at later stage. That time I have removed all the stones from the base (which is a quite difficult task 🙄) and coloredd the base again.
  • For the roof I have used maroon and red to color it. To give it a mushroom look you can make some white circles. I have used the back side of a marker for making circles.
  • For baby mushroom, color the head with red and stem with light grey. With back side of a painting brush make some white dots upon the red head.
  • For entryway and door, you can mix brown and white to make light brown and color them. Draw some thin lines with brown color.
  • Color the house with light grey and the stones with dark grey.
  • Now for coloring the clay house climber, I have used brown color and color the leaves with green. You can also make some yellow dots for flowers as I have done.
  • After coloring all these, the stones at base (which are original) were not looking eye catching (see the first video below). Therefore made some stones with mouldit and replaced the original ones (refer the second video). Also colored them with dark grey.
Clay house base with original stones
Stones at the base are made of mouldit
  • And now the coloring part is complete. here is the final look of the miniature clay mushroom house.
Final look of the clay house

Added some more pictures of the clay house, so that you can get a better overview of the clay house.

I tried to make the video better, but there are some places where my crafting went out of focus. Will take care regarding this in the upcoming videos, so that it remains more informative and better.

For better understanding please check out below YouTube video of this craft.

Video tutorial


This blog of mine about mushroom clay house coloring is completed in few simple steps.

The present blog is a continuation of my last blog.

So, how will you color your mushroom clay house? and What are the color combinations you will use? Do let me know in the comment box.

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Till my next blog..

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