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How to make an owl using Fevicryl mouldit clay in few simple steps

Hello friends, welcome to my blog. Hope you all are doing well. And here I am presenting you one more clay craft idea about how to make a owl using Fevicryl mouldit clay.

So lets start with the materials required to make this clay owl on a tree branch.

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Material list:

Clay craft material list
Clay craft material list
  • Fevicryl mouldit clay
  • Tin can
  • Acrylic colors
  • Brush
  • Varnish
  • OHP sheet
  • Talcum powder
  • Knife/ clay tools
  • Glue
  • Any plant of your choice

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Fevicryl mouldit clay

Clay tool

Acrylic color



So once you have collected all the material lets start making the owl with Fevicryl mouldit clay.

Tracing design:

I am using the below image as reference to make the clay owl using mouldit clay on a branch.

Reference image
Reference image

Making the owl with Fevicryl mouldit clay:

  • Clean the container properly first.
  • Now take both the parts of Fevicryl mouldit clay and mix it properly until it gets a uniform color.
  • Now take a portion of mixture and give the shape of an owl body as shown in the reference image.
  • When its done paste it on the tin can with the help of glue.
  • Now make two wings and paste them on both sides of owl body.
  • Then make two small round eyes and a triangle beak and paste is with glue.
  • For the tree branch, take a small amount of clay mixture, roll it and attach on the tin can below the owl.
  • Now make two small legs and glue above the branch.
  • Make some leaves and flowers and paste the on your desired place.
  • Lastly make some texture on leaves, owl leg with a knife or clay tool.
  • So now its done and keep it for few hours so that it will dry properly.
Clay owl before coloring
Clay owl before coloring

Coloring the clay owl:

To color this craft you can use whatever colors you like. However I’ll describe how I have colored this.

  • To color the body of the owl I am using cerulean blue and light blue color.
  • Used white and black for eyes, red for beak and light brown for legs.
  • Colored the tree branch with dark brown color.
  • For leaves I have used leaf green & light green and flower with red & yellow.
  • Once the coloring is done keep it in a rest so that the color dries properly.
  • After the color is dried completely, varnish it all over to seal the color.
  • Then again keep it for few hours to dry it up.
  • Once the varnish is dried completely, its ready to use.
  • I am using this as planter. So made few holes at the bottom. After the varnish is dried properly I have planted a money plant in it.

So here is the final view.

Mouldit clay owl on tin can
Mouldit clay owl on tin can

Few more views are below.

Mouldit clay owl on tin can
clay owl
Mouldit clay owl on tin can
Mouldit clay
Mouldit clay owl on tin can
Mouldit clay owl
Mouldit clay owl on tin can

For better understanding please check out below YouTube video of the craft.

How to make an owl using Fevicryl mouldit clay in few simple steps


I love to work with mouldit clay. You can make nice shapes easily. Beautiful clay shapes make your living space more artistic.

I am sure, you have got a good idea about using mouldit clay after going through my present blog.

So, what are your clay crafting plans and if want me to make any specific clay craft, do let me know in the comment box or send me a mail. I would love to see your messages and definitely will try to do it for you.

And finally, if you like the blog don’t forget to share it.

Till my next blog..

Happy Reading!!

Jayasri Bhattacharjee

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